3M Window Film

Protect your home or business with 3M safety and security window films. They provide an extra defence against break-ins and keep your property safe.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Increases film durability
Improved thermal performance
Added UV protection
Protection from glare, and heat
Reduces glass from heating up
Extra scratch resistance

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Break-ins in the GTA Reported to Toronto Police

Installing security window film can easily prevent these home invasions. Take action, and don't become another victim.

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3M Security Film3M Security Film3M Security Film UV Protection
Protect against break ins.

Window Security Film

Discover superior protection and peace of mind with 3M security window film. Our film is designed to strengthen your windows, making them more resistant to break-ins and providing invisible protection against shattered glass. Unlike bars or security shutters, 3M window film allows you to enjoy enhanced security without compromising the aesthetics of your home or office.

3M Security Film
Shatterproof Windows. Protect against severe weather & accidental damage.

Security Film for Windows

We understand that every home and business has unique protection requirements. 3M window film family is the industry-leading solution against accidental glass breakage, vandalism and forced entry.

3M Security Film
UV protection.

Window Insulation Film

In addition to providing security, 3M window film also offers enhanced privacy and comfort for your space. 3M film can help reduce glare, block harmful UV rays, and regulate temperature, creating a more pleasant and energy-efficient environment. Experience the benefits of 3M window film for yourself.

3M Security Film UV Protection
Hire professionals.

Professional Installation for Peace of Mind.

When it comes to the security of your home or business, trust the experts at Select Security. Our team of trained professionals will ensure that your window film is installed correctly and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

3M Window Film Installation

3M Safety & Security Window Films

Professional Installation by Certified 3M Experts

Our team of certified professionals will expertly install 3M window films in your home or office.

Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Protection

We use only the highest quality 3M window films to ensure your windows are protected for years to come.

Enhance Privacy and Security with 3M Films

Our 3M window films are designed to provide enhanced privacy and security for your home or business.

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Professional Window Film Installation Service

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3M Safety Security Window FilmWindow Film Installation3M Safety Security Window Film InstallationWindow Film Installation
I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by the 3M security window film supplier. Their products have exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and effectiveness.

John Roth

Homeowner, Toronto

The 3M security window film has made a significant difference in enhancing the security of my commercial property. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable security solutions.

Samantha Smithers

Business Owner, Toronto


Safety S70

Premium security film solution.
Overall, the 3M Safety S70 security window film offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing windows' safety, security, and performance in various applications, ranging from commercial buildings to residential properties.

Enhanced Security

Protect your property with our high-quality security film.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs with our heat-rejecting window film.

UV Protection

Safeguard your interiors from harmful UV rays.

3M Safety S70
3M Safety S70 security window film offers several key benefits:
Blast Mitigation
Impact Resistance
Ease of Maintenance
Shatter Resistance
UV Protection
Energy Efficiency
Customizable film options
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5 Steps to Window Film Installation

Window Film Installation
Impact Protection

Safeguard S140

Safeguard S140 is a 14 mil (.014”) three-layer polyester laminate that provides maximum blunt force resistance.

Thickness & Strength

S140 films increase protection from flying or broken glass and deter smash and grab burglaries.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs with our heat-rejecting window film.

UV Protection

Safeguard your interiors from harmful UV rays.

3M Safeguard S140
Safety film benefits:
Strong impact resistance
Reduce glare and heat
Good blast resistance
Strong UV protection
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Enhance & Protect Your Space with Window Film

Protect your windows and enjoy added security with our 3M Security Window Film.


Find answers to common questions about security film.

Installation Insights

Where is the window film placed?

Typically, the film is positioned inside windows, but for enhanced safeguarding, affixing it to both sides using a unique system is an option.

When installing window film is it a loud process?

Installing the film is usually a quiet process. However, removing existing film may create noise, with professionals striving to limit disturbance.

Is window film suitable for home applications?

This film is suitable for both living spaces and business premises, offering considerable advantages for both.

Can window film be layered over existing film?

While you could layer security film over another, it's advised against due to warranty implications. Opt for tinted security film for an amalgamation of benefits.

Price & Guarantee

What is the price for window film?

The price can fluctuate based on the film's brand, quality, and type, with a general price range of $6 to $25 per square foot.

What guarantee do I get with window film?

Warranty terms vary by brand and type of film. Typically, interior residential applications come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, while commercial and exterior applications have a 10-15 year and 5-7 year warranty, respectively.

Performance & Upkeep

What do I do if I see bubbles in the film?

Observing bubbles post-installation is normal, indicating drying moisture. It's crucial not to disturb these bubbles to allow proper film adhesion.

Can I remove the security film?

Although durable and securely adhesive, the film can be professionally removed without harming the window.

What kind of tints are available?

Options include transparent, mirrored, or tinted films, each blocking nearly all harmful UV rays while catering to different aesthetic preferences.

How does security window film work?

The film significantly reinforces window strength, deterring break-ins by making windows more resistant to impact and keeping shattered glass in place. It is applicable in both residential and commercial settings.

How do I clean my windows when window film is applied?

Cleaning should be gentle, using soft cloths and mild, ammonia-free cleaners, especially during the initial 60-day curing period.

Myths Demystified

Is window security film an intrusion deterrent?

While not a fail-safe barrier, the film is intended to impede intruders, providing extra reaction time.

Is window security film bulletproof?

Contrary to some beliefs, the film is not bulletproof. It does, however, help contain glass fragments upon impact.

Is window security film the only thing I need to protect my home or business?

Window security film is a supplemental security measure rather than a primary defence. Integration with comprehensive security systems is recommended.

Should I only install window security film if I live in a high-crime area?

Installation decisions shouldn't hinge solely on crime perception; security is a broader strategy. While understanding local crime trends is essential, it should not be the sole driver behind security decisions. A comprehensive, proactive security strategy that incorporates a variety of measures and considers the broader context is essential for adequate protection. This approach addresses current concerns and anticipates future challenges, ensuring that security measures remain relevant and effective over time.

On which windows should I install security film?

Strategically applying the film to critical access points rather than indiscriminately covering all windows is advised for focused protection. Our Select Security specialist will determine the optimal installation locations.

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