AI Powered Security

Protect your home and business with state-of-the-art security systems powered by AI. Smart cameras, alarms, and Smart Hybrid Light power the next generation of total security solutions.

Accurate Threat Detection & Alert Notifications.

Security cameras and video recorders will automatically detect humans and vehicles through real-time video analytics and push instant notifications to users' mobile devices.

Security Cameras
Security Cameras
Security Cameras
security cameras
Security Cameras
Security Cameras
Security Cameras
Security Camera
Security Cameras
Security Cameras

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AI-Empowered False Alarm Reduction

On-sight Light & Intrusion Alarm

24/7 camera coverage with wide-area and high clarity video.

Instant Notification When Trespassers Detected

The system will send an instant notification via the mobile app when the camera system detects an intrusion.

Deep Learning Technology

The focus is on human and vehicle target classification with visual and auditory warnings.

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Security Zone Protection
Comprehensive Camera Installation

Protect all Areas of your Property

Convenient Management of all Property Security Zones.
Safeguarding your home and real estate investments is a top priority for people everywhere. Property owners encounter numerous challenges, from managing multiple properties to accommodating guests, preventing property loss, and staying informed while away. Creating secure, comfortable, and convenient living spaces is paramount for most individuals.

Enhanced Security

Precise intrusion detection that distinquishes trespassers from pets or wildlife.

Off-site Control

Security systems management via mobile app.

High Clarity

Detailed zoom capability.

HIK Vision PTZ Cameras
HIK Vision PTZ Cameras
Detailed zoom and a wide range of zoom ratios.
High quality images in poorly lit environments
1920X1080 resolution
4-in-1 video output
Embedded CMOS chip & WDR
Up to 150m IR range
32X Optical Zoom
Pan & Tilt
Water & dust resistant (IP66)
Excellent low-light performance
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Intelligent Security Cameras

H5A IR PTZ Camera

Automated IR illumination range of up to 300 meters and the ability to view 20 degrees above the horizon.

Avigilon PTZ Cameras
State-of-the-art security camera for residential and commercial applications.
Can see 20 degrees above the horizon
Visibility range is up to 300m in complete darkness
Automtically adjust IR projection angle according to zoom level and field of view
Low-light capable
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Next-Generation Video Analytics

When the predefined analytics flag a person or vehicle, the camera automatically follows and zooms in on them for greater evidentiary detail.

Auto-Tracking Capabilities

The camera will automatically follow and zoom in on the person or vehicle.

IP66/67/68 - Outdoor Compliant

Humidity, shock and vibration resistant. Water, windblown dust and corrosion resistant.

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Find answers to common questions about security camera installation.

AI Technology Insights

What are AI-based security cameras?

AI-based security cameras use artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance surveillance capabilities. They can recognize and analyze various objects, detect unusual behaviour, and differentiate between humans, animals, and other objects, reducing false alarms and improving security efficiency

How do AI security cameras reduce false alarms?

AI security cameras leverage advanced algorithms to distinguish between normal activities and potential threats. They can recognize specific movements and behaviours, significantlyreducing the number of false alarms triggered bynon-threatening events like pets or weather conditions.​

Can AI security cameras recognize faces?

Absolutely! AI security cameras are equipped with highly accurate facial recognition technology, enabling them to identify known individuals and alert you to unknown or unauthorized persons. This feature is a reliable asset for both home security and access control in businesses.

What are the privacy concerns associated with AI security cameras?

AI security cameras raise privacy concerns due to their ability to monitor and record video continuously. The data collected can be sensitive, and there is a risk of unauthorized access or misuse. Ensuring compliance with privacy laws and implementing robust data protection measures are crucial.

AI Camera Integration

How do AI security cameras integrate with other smart home devices?

AI security cameras can seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart home devices, including smart locks, lights, and voice assistants. This integration empowers automated responses to security events, such as locking doors or activating lights upon detecting motion.

What are the benefits of AI security cameras in businesses?

AI security cameras offer a wide range of benefits for businesses. They provide enhanced security, real-time monitoring, and detailed analytics. Additionally, they can track customer behavior, count foot traffic, and optimize store layouts, thus improving both security and operational efficiency.

AI Camera Installation

Are AI security cameras challenging to install?

Installation difficulty varies depending on the system. Some AI security cameras are plug-and-play, requiring minimal setup, while others might need professional installation. Many systems offer mobile apps for easy configuration and monitoring.

Do AI security cameras work well in low-light conditions?

Many AI security cameras have advanced night vision capabilities, including infrared LEDs, to provide clear footage in low-light conditions. This feature ensures continuous monitoring and security even at night.​

What is edge processing in AI security cameras?

Edge processing refers to the ability of AI security cameras to process video data locally on the camera itself rather than relying on a central server. This reduces latency, bandwidth usage, and the need for extensive backend infrastructure, making the system more efficient.​

What are the cost considerations for AI security cameras?

AI security cameras are more expensive than traditional cameras due to their advanced features. Prices can range from $100 to over $1000, with additional costs for cloud storage and subscription services. It is essential to consider both the initial investment and ongoing expenses.

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